When she's not creating new images or planning her next trip (travel photography is her everything), Marisa is picking up new skills and dabbling in passion projects related to a lifelong love of graphic and interior design, book arts, typography, and hand-lettering. But more likely, she's wordsmithing something.


Marisa has been a content and editorial professional in the San Francisco Bay Area tech sector for more than a decade; most recently at Twitter, Inc. where she served as Managing Editor in Marketing and Communications over four fun and fulfilling years.


When it comes to working with words and all varieties of content on strategy, management, development, and curation, Marisa is always excited to devote her passion and expertise to those companies, projects, or personal initiatives that help make the world a better place, and life a joy. And while she enjoys flying solo, partnering with cross-functional teams — large and small, local and remote — is where she shines.


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1. Posted by Anna, words and images by Marisa

2. Out of print but still viewable online via Blurb

3. Marisa's personal travel blog (2002-12)*

4. A curated travel photography blog (2008-12)*


* Apologies! Missing images abound due to a now defunct Flickr account.